Weatherwood Promise of Light CD - Celebration of the Winter Solstice, our second CD, released Fall of 2013

In the coldest and darkest time of year we seek  warmth and light. Across cultures and religions, celebrations are held to mark these shortest days and anticipate the warmer seasons ahead. Music has been a rich part of this tradition for millennia. When Weatherwood set out to make this collection of solstice music, we knew that we did not want to produce just one more recording of traditional holiday favorites. We intentionally avoided the most recorded tunes and started collecting lesser-known tunes from the season along with some original music composed for this project and some tunes that likely don’t have any direct  connection to the season at all, but somehow evoke the season. Indeed, the idea for this collection came after several people asked us about making a Christmas recording following a performance of Turlough O’Carolan’s Lord Inchiquin which has no connection to Christmas or solstice that we know of. But it somehow sounded like holiday music, and so this project was conceived. We hope you enjoy it.


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